Changing Education

The aim of this website is to bring together new ways of looking at education and how it is possible to go about changing education as we know it.

A useful resource for anyone who is interested in education, no matter which approach they are coming from themselves.

I believe there are examples out there of better ways of learning than the education system we have, I want to collate and combine resources in a useful way for anyone using this site.

We need a revolution in education, and many people over many years agree with this… I will bring their ideas into this website.

A good start for a new system would be evidence based education:

There is so much evidence around, showing how formal education too early is damaging, how effective certain ways of learning are… and our current system ignores both these things, and doesn’t cater for the individual.

People believe that the system we have is the only proper way of learning because they have been through that system and been taught that school is the way to learn. For some people it is, for some people it works. For many it does not.

Although we home educate our 10 yr old (we do also have our 12 yr old at Secondary school), this is not a site just for home educators, it is for anyone interested in a new way forward for education. I want to share ideas about different education systems and how they work (or not) and explore new ideas, especially those which include self-led learning.

I think we need a complete change for the whole education system, different attitudes to children and how they learn, and what they are or aren’t capable of.

Children and adults learn best when they have control and choice over what they are learning about. There needs to be trust in a child’s innate curiosity and ability to learn, and less focus on needing to be ‘taught’ everything in a formal way. Learning is fun, school and ‘getting’ an education, does not always equate to learning.

See here for how my daughters learned to read without being taught… The Obsession of Reading

Some alternative ways of learning about History… Oodles of History

A chilled out home education day …What do you do when you are totally free to choose?

I would thoroughly recommend reading How Children Learn by John Holt, in fact most things by John Holt.

Sir Ken Robinson has given some excellent talks about the need for change:

Professor Peter Gray (American Psychologist) has written some excellent articles:

 Early academic training causes long term harm.

Children teach themselves to read

Also his book: Free to Learn.

 There are huge numbers of resources out there now, plenty of alternative education ideas…. great to just read and read and read!!!

Some links for home education related reading on:

Leaving school to Home educate

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