Minecraft and YouTube

R has posted her first Minecraft tutorial on YouTube with more to follow at Pink Rose Kitty YouTube Channel she is very excited when people view her video and like it and subscribe.

We have found YouTube to be an amazing resource, with how to tutorials on an incredible variety of subjects. It is how (after many failed attempts at books and friends trying to show me) I learned how to crochet!

We have used it for ukulele lessons, history, language, Shakespeare, science, oil painting, acrylics painting, the list goes on.

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Politics and Campaigning

It has been hard to avoid politics recently so we have covered a lot, including being very heavily involved in the campaign to save our local library.

Rose wrote to the Children's Newspaper First News
Rose wrote to the Children’s Newspaper First News





L took blank postcards to school and asked children to fill them in with why libraries are so important Postcards from children in the Daily Echo

We use our local library a lot, and fortnightly we meet with other home educators for sessions on all sorts, from art and crafts to science, languages and drama.

R, meanwhile took part in a deputation to council to argue the case for saving the library. It was a real confidence booster for her and led to her giving several interviews with local newspapers, radio and TV.

We learned together more about how the local council works and media and also MP candidates and Government.

None of this was a planned lesson – it all came up as we went along and gave us access to amazing experiences including helping to organise a protest march and hosting a Radio 5 Live broadcast from our kitchen!

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