Three letter abbreviations and the mysteries of school

It was L’s IAG day today (information and guidance) not to be confused with ICT (something computery) or HLT (homework learning tasks), school is full of these mysteriously named things…. we’re gradually finding our way through them!!

So, IAG day is a ten minute appointment with L’s tutor, she has to wear uniform and parents can go if they like, then the rest of the day is free. So we got an earlyish appointment, R wasn’t overly impressed at having to walk there with us, but I didn’t want to leave her at home alone for that long…. even if she felt ok about the idea.

So behaviour and effort graded from 1-5 for each subject (5 being good) and also homework and classwork, again from 1-5. All fine. Plenty of 5’s and also L has taken part in plenty of after school activities and attended well, so all boxes ticked for the school. (not that we’re fussed about the boxes being ticked)… for me the boxes I want ticked are her happiness / well being / friends, and also her enthusiasm for learning and staying interested and engaged. Tick for those too, so I’m happy. We did mention to her tutor that the school system still seems unable to cope with the fact she has no official SATS results, so the computer system has basic target levels for her, despite them being obviously wrong and us knowing her levels… It doesn’t seem to be possible just to adjust them on the computer!! Very bizarre. Hopefully now L has done all her end of year exams, the results can be fed in? (You’d hope so!)

L then met friends for a trip to the park, I read some of The King’s Curse to Rose and we did some maths, then it was out to the Chiropractor (R went to play next door) with L… as she has been having hip and leg pain (we had a car accident a few years ago, so she’d been to the chiro then. The chiro said it isn’t nerves, it is muscles tightening, most likely due to sitting at a desk each day…. Doh. Another downside to school!! We now have some exercises for L to do each day to stretch herself out.

The girls then had Woodcraft at the park, a nice walk and a bit of geocaching.


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Science at the Library

We had a science session at the library which I ran.. I had a few ideas ready but decided to wing it depending on who came along. Initially a few children started a game of chess, others joined in helping with advice on tactics etc, then when that finished I offered the science idea.

It went well (these things don’t always)

I got each child to be an H or an O and then we had O2 molecules or H2 molecules. Then we did H2O molecules with the H children holding hands with the O children and acting out how things worked. We talked about elements and molecules and the periodic table and then we built some molecules with a kit I have.

This led on to talking about carbon and carbon chains and organic chemistry, and diamonds and graphite. The session went really quickly and the kids were all engaged.

A couple of friends then came back to play, but we also did a bit of algebra because they’ve been doing some at home and so have we, so the kids showed each other (and parents) what sort of methods they’d been looking at. We’d been looking at working out the nth term. They’d be looking more at factors, so it was a good swap of ideas.

There was then lots of playmobil play, and some time playing in the garden as well.

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