A 12 year old!!!

We now have a 12 year old in the house. I don’t know how this has crept up on us… she is so grown up and so lovely to have around.

Doesn’t seem long ago that she was like this:

Baby L
Baby L

She wanted a quiet morning with friends after the sleepover, then we had an open house in the afternoon, so grandparents, aunties, cousins and more friends popped in to have a piece of cake.

Most of the kids brought 3ds’ if they had them, as we got L one for her birthday (2nd hand.. as we don’t usually spend as much as they are new, and we knew someone selling one) The 3ds’ linked up… there were lots of mystified expressions when the kids tried explaining about it all to the adults, especially the grandparents!

She got lots of other lovely things, many minion related! Including a birthday cake made by one of her aunties.

Minion cake
Minion cake

L had a really lovely time and a fairly early night ready for the wedding the next day.

Big family wedding of our nephew… it was lovely and the first wedding where our girls have stayed for the whole thing and really enjoyed it all, especially the disco.

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