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I didn’t know it was called Strewing when I started doing this with my children when they were young.. I just left out things I thought they would like, and changed things round so they had new things that caught their eye. It then gave them a selection of things to choose from, or perhaps a trigger for another idea. What I have always loved (and admittedly found frustrating sometimes) is that I can offer up 5 lovely ideas of things to do, that I may have researched or just thought of and very regularly my child or children will listen to the ideas and then come up with an idea of their own that has no connection with any of the things I have suggested. Many times the idea they come up with ends up being really good. Perhaps the offer of my ideas triggers something for them. I think it must do, else the lure of television can be too easy an option.

This article describes Strewing and gives some ideas too….

The Art of Strewing The Artful Parent 6th October 2014

Looking at ways there can be a better future for education, I’m always on the look out for success stories in education, and this often means alternative ideas for the future of education.

Schools of the Future, The Guardian 16th January 2015

How to design a primary school where learning has no limits,  The Guardian 17th March 2015

Vietnamese Kindergarten teaches gardening and sustainability Expanded Consciousness 7th April 2015

Forest schools The Guardian 21st April 2015

How successful leaders spent their teenage years Time 14th May 2015

Elon Musk builds ‘unschool’ for his children  True Activist 28th May 2015

A sentimental education: inside the school that Tilda built  (No exams, extended Steiner education) The Guardian 14th June 2015

14 Reasons Why Home Education is on the Rise in the UK Hub Pages 27th June 2015

Why not just homeschool college? LetsHomeschoolHighSchool.com  14th July 2015

Is it possible to alleviate some of the pressure in schools Tutor Hub Blog 17th July 2015

School in The Cloud The Guardian 2nd August 2015

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Child-led learning

Taking the struggle out of education

What do you do when you are totally free to choose?


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