Where is the education system going wrong?

There seems to be a new article most days on how schools / the education system are failing children, or about how new ways are being thought up to make it all even worse by politicians who seem to have very little understanding about actual real children. There are undoubtedly some amazing teachers out there, but it is getting harder and harder for them to work in a way that works for them and their pupils. That must be why we’re losing around 4/10 teachers after only a year of teaching!

Nearly 4/10 qualifying teachers quitting the classroom after one year. 31st March 2015 The Independent.

An older link but I only saw it recently:

School is a Prison and is damaging our kids 8th September 2013 Films for Action

Articles I’ve saved recently:

College readiness declines when school’s focus is improving test scores, study finds.  12th May 2015 Phys Org

Sats Stress is crushing children’s love of learning 16th May 2015 The Guardian

New English GCSE shows ‘breath-taking ignorance’ of dyslexia  2nd June 2015 TES

Too much, too young for summer-born children forced into ‘big school’ 2nd June 2015 The Guardian

Dear Ms Morgan: this isn’t education it’s testing, testing, testing. 2nd June 2015 The Guardian

Former Children’s commissioner on why the UK is failing its children 3rd June 2015 Chronicle Live

School defends setting brightest four year olds apart 8th June 2015 The Times

After Two Years of Bullying my Son was broken 12th June 2015 The Independent

How did we let primary education become such a mess The Telegraph 28th June 2015

Too Much Too Soon. What should we be teaching four year olds? The Conversation 22nd June 2015

UK school leavers ‘the worst in Europe for essential skills’ says report The Telegraph 2nd July 2015

MPs are promised action on summer born admissions (www.parliament.uk) 17th July 2015

Is it possible to alleviate some of the pressure in schools?  Tutor Hub Blog 17th July 2015

How can things improve?

Hopefully there are some ideas within this site that show some alternative ways of learning we have found.


Self-led-learning and also Daily Chat and Learning through Osmosis

and also see links to some innovative ideas here:

A Better Future for Education

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