A child’s view

Hello, this is L; I’ve decided to write a post for my Mum’s website.

I’ve just turned twelve and I started school about a year ago, (last September) I have been Home-Educated all the way through and this is my first time! (Although I did go into a primary school in year 6 for two days to experience it)

The reason I started to get home-ed-a-fied (a word I made up!) was because (believe it or not!) I used to be very shy. I went to Pre-school for a term but I hated it, everyone else would be playing games or making something and I would sit in the corner reading a book, in fact, when my Mum took me along with her to tell the staff that I would be leaving, I was chatting to my Mum and the lady said “that’s the chattiest I’ve ever heard her, normally she hides away with her book!”

Even though I loved every second of being Home-Educated, I decided to try school to have an experience, I really enjoy it and all (well most) of my teachers are amazing! They always try to make us laugh and will do anything (even getting their legs waxed on stage!) to raise money and have a good time!

Saying this, I wouldn’t swap any of the time I spent Home-Educated to go to school, I think it was a great experience and really gave me a more mature view of the world and a wider vocabulary through actually using it (I’m sure my Mum has already mentioned loads about our Library campaigning!)

I am constantly debating with myself whether or not to stay or leave school, weighing up the pros and cons of school, I’ve had some doubts but I’ve decided to stay at school (despite my Mum continually reminding me that I’m very welcome to stay at home hint hint!)

Anyway, I’ve got lots more to say, but if I did, you’d probably end up here for another hour!


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