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It’s L again, I wanted to say about what my school is like!

My school is really nice, all (well most) of my teachers are lovely, especially my tutor, history, maths, and head of year teachers.

I have 6 lessons in 1 day. The curriculum covers a range of subjects including dance, music and (my favourite) drama!

I love drama, especially the fact that I get to work with one of my best friends. Unlike some other people, me and I (first letter of my friend’s name) work together well, and have fun but always by doing drama, not sitting and chatting!

Also, I’ve always loved history, I find it fascinating finding out about how people used to live and what happened. It really helps that I’ve got an amazing history teacher, who always tries to make history interesting and fun for us. I recently got 42 out of 44 marks on my history exam! (Not that I’m bragging about it… hee hee hee)

My maths teacher is also amazing, always trying to find ways that suit certain people to get them more engaged, she also teaches science, and Japanese! (I’m sure my Mum has told you about our adventures to Japan with our friends Y, Y, Y, and Y!)

I love school, but as I said, I’m constantly debating about the pros and cons and whether or not to stay or leave!

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