A Child’s View 3

Hello, It’s L again!

I’ve just finished my first half term in year 8! (12-13)

It’s been fun but also had a few drawbacks… we change teachers every year and although some of my new teachers are amazing, I think I had a better lot of teachers last year…

Saying that, I do enjoy being in year 8 because you get more responsibility, i.e. yesterday I did office running, where you take messages to classes and fold paper and basically do stuff for teachers.

Another drawback of year 8 is that you don’t get as many discos and rewards 🙁 although you can be trusted with more things and we finally get to cook something reasonable in food tech! (Macaroni cheese and pizza from scratch opposed to fruit salad!)

I’m sure that my Mum has already told you lots and lots (and lots) about the library, so I won’t go on for too long,

Basically, the council have not worked with us at all to look at other options (other than community run, which basically means retired librarians doing their old job for no pay, or closure!)

we keep suggesting different options but the council are really stubborn and will not listen to anything other that their original plans!

Anyway, I will stop ranting on about libraries and finish it there!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

oh and did I mention?


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