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Education Quizzes We have recently started using this site, which if you are a teacher or home educator you can get free access to. It has quizzes on many different subjects at all the school levels. My daughter is really enjoying it. Good explanations of answers too.

Khan Academy  FREE videos … better for older children I would think. Worth a look for specific academic interests… not all singing all dancing like some sites and apps, but content-wise very good.

Reading eggs .. a literacy program which a lot of people recommend. My daughter found it a bit slow. There is a free trial.

Nessy … aimed at dyslexic children … frequently recommended by people in home ed groups. Free trial available.

Doodlemaths …. inexpensive and we have found this to be excellent, adjusts to your child’s strengths and weaknesses … the idea is 10mins per day of maths.

Education City … Free trial available and money off codes usually easy to find. We liked this a lot when my children were younger primary age.

YouTube ASAP Science  FREE some fun and informative videos. YouTube in general has some amazing videos on anything you can think of you’d like to learn about. Worth talking through about the risks of coming across less appropriate things though.

Daydream education Free 30 day trial available for each subject. Covers fairly wide range of subjects for primary and secondary. Not cheap to buy, but depending on your child looks good… from the trial we are not sure how much depth there is to each subject though.

BBC Bitesize Amazing number of resources on here which my 12 year old has used consistently for years and years (in line with National Curriculum.) FREE.

Have you seen: Free on-line courses


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