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I read a lot about education and different theories and different research. I also am involved in many on-line education groups  and take part in discussion about all sorts of educational issues. I have been the first point of contact for local home educators for quite  few years and so have met with and talked through many issues that families have faced at school and when starting home education.

I am especially interested in Self-led learning, child-led learning, autonomous education, unschooling, democratic schools, alternative education methods and also how schools work (or don’t work) and how it could all be radically different.

I also have 12 years of experience with my own children being home educated and now with one at school and one at home.

I was also involved in some alternative education as a child, which just about saved my life.

I’m adding things of interest here, not all that I necessarily agree with or endorse, but of interest in the search for alternative education.

Ignoring the title as it isn’t necessarily helpful! Are Home-Schooled children smarter? A YouTube clip about research into how home educated children fare in Canada.

How My Son Learned to Read When We Stopped Trying to Teach Him from The Synapse

Unschooling: A true education? A YouTube clip.

Summerhill (2008) A fictionalised account based on a true story at Summerhill school.

Learn Free (an unschooling documentary) YouTube clip

Paula Rothermel UK home education research

Astra Taylor on the Unschooled Life A YouTube clip (skip the first 3 or so minutes)

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