Historical Fiction

With our Historical Fiction Challenge inspired by Facebook History HE group, we started in January with the Stone Age and Michelle Paver’s  Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, set in pre-agricultural Stone Age Europe,  Starting with Wolf Brother which was excellent.. we were then hooked for the whole series. These led to some long and in-depth discussions about tribes, wolves, society, nature, spirits and much more. Amongst others we moved onto A Bone from the Dry Sea by Peter Dickinson which was full of fascinating ideas and different ways of thinking about how it must have been in tribes before the full development of language and other ideas.

All of the books we read also led to discussions about how much was fiction and how much fact, how we could find out and what did we think? Was some of it educated guesswork? How accurate might it be or not be?

We enjoyed Stone age fiction so much that instead of moving onwards each month, we stuck with it and expanded what we were reading about.

I have been reading ‘The White Princess’ by Philippa Gregory for the book group I go to… and have been really enjoying it. R saw how engrossed I was and asked about it, so I read her a bit. I then ended up reading the last quarter of it out loud so that R could hear and enjoy it too. We spent the whole afternoon sat in the garden in the sunshine reading it, with pauses for chats about what was going on and what we knew already. The Horrible Histories Kings and Queens song was sung to see who would be on the throne next. Pauses also needed for my voice and for R to run up and down the garden, swing and climb. A huge advantage of home education and having time for days like that.

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