Home Ed Group Meet up at Scout hut.

Our home ed group hires a scout hut about once a month for the day where parents take it in turns to run or organise sessions.

Today we had one parent run a music / vocal coaching session, which many of the older kids prepared a piece of music for in advance (they could if they wanted to)

What I think is so lovely about the sessions at scout hut is that none of them is compulsory, children don’t have to take part if they don’t want to, and if they aren’t enjoying a session they can leave. They are usually encouraged to have a look what is on offer, and if they choose not to join in then they do not disrupt the others. R didn’t want to join the music session today (not her thing), so she played in the woods instead. Activities sometimes have a guideline age group but in general children classify themselves as big enough for activities, so it isn’t unusual to have smaller children joining in something if they are keen or interested.

We then had a lawyer come in to talk about the Magna Carta (there was a trip to Salisbury last week to see the Magna Carta), which led on to a discussion where the children had to put forward ideas for their own Magna Carta.

It was a really good activity, and there were some very interesting suggestions put forward. A few funny ones, like unlimited ice-cream for children, but most were serious and there were a lot to do with children’s rights. It was suggested that it should be made law that children be treated with respect, especially by teachers and parents. Also, how children should have more say in decision making, and that children should not be forced into school against their will (alternative childcare would be a different issue). Some children also wanted to only have electric cars, to reduce carbon emissions. Another one that came up was a total ban on smoking. It was a large age range 6-14 and some of the youngest ones had the most idealistic suggestions. The older ones were more realistic about the idea of scrapping all cars apart from electric cars for instance.

There was a school nurse session next about alcohol… which a big group of kids did go in for but R wanted more Wolf game in the woods (an ongoing group game for all ages which happens regularly at scout hut… and has probably been running for over a year or more.)

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