Home Education The Ins and Outs

Home education is not a straight-forward topic. There is no one right way, in fact even if you have similar ideas to another home ed family, home ed in your family will look nothing like their home ed. Home education in your family also will look nothing like your friends or family think it should look.

You have to go with what suits you and your family… and adapt whenever that is needed… Oh yes… And… RELAX about it! REALLY.

The biggest problems come through ‘should do’s’ … and stress.

Stop thinking of things you should do with your children, or things they should do, or be able to do, and concentrate on what you all would like to do, where would you like to go, which book would you like to read (have read to you)

Try to relax as the parent… stressed parents lead to stressed kids. Read and read books about different types of home ed and what will suit you all. Try different things. Some families suit structured, others start out structured and end up totally child-led, or a bit of both.

Do read the http://self-led-learning.com/guest-post-a-teachers-interesting-view-of-home-education  It is funny how this isn’t how I would see home education for us… yet it is obviously the impression we’ve given!! Sometimes I think people presume there must be more formal learning going on behind closed doors because they think that is how children know what they do. I’m still amazed by what my children know with so little formal stuff.

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