Loving our Local Library while we can.

We went to our local Library’s anniversary event at the weekend, fancy dress, to celebrate 76 years of being there. So many people have been going there all their lives, but this could be the last anniversary event as it may be closed by next year 🙁

We had over 400 people through the doors, author Ali Sparkes, and we even had a Dalek join our campaign to Save our Library!

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We had our library home ed meet up today, with lots of new faces, lots of little ones and our usual people too. We did some more on designing roller coasters for a competition. Then we did some map work… with a map of the library and x’s marked on it, the kids all went and looked for a letter at each place and then put them together to make a message. The older ones helped the younger ones look for the clues.

There was plenty of interaction with older people in the library, pleased to see children enjoying the environment and learning as they went. We had a few older people asking if they could join in with the treasure hunt!

Then as we had so many small ones a member of staff did a lovely story time for them while the older ones carried on with their roller coaster designs. Our library staff are so important and do so much and yet they, along with our library are under threat of not being there for much longer. So sad. We’re certainly not going to lose them without a huge fight!

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