Major Breakthrough with Reading

We have been using the EasyRead system with Oxford Learning Solutions.

It is really not a cheap option, but we have tried so many other options, and once we tried the free 10 day trial R was hooked.

Parent – Free Trial

The first time something had really clicked for her. It rewires the brain to put in the bit that many dyslexic children miss out… the decoding and breaking down of a word. R was sight reading quite well, but her spelling was not getting any better, she still struggled with small words, and wasn’t ‘sounding’ out anything very well.

R is now reading in a completely different way and can decode words. She is a pretty much fluent reader and reads Harry Potter to herself (and to me) with feeling.

It took 80 lessons for the really big breakthrough but early on her confidence had already increased and her attitude to reading. It is 15 minutes a day (commitment from the parent as well) and R has been KEEN to do it EVERY day! Anyone with a dyslexic child will understand what a big deal that is!

The support from EasyRead staff is fantastic, with regular e-mails, with questions and suggestions for your child, plus phonecalls too.

I haven’t received any discount/payment for this, I am writing it purely from being a delighted parent!

We are only just beginning to see some spelling improvement, but this will no doubt come along as R reads more and also because she is noticing how words are built, which she never had before.

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