Maths and how we do it:

Maths as it comes up in life…. both girls learned to tell the time, count correct money and change, weigh things, measure things, fractions, etc as they came up in our daily lives. We didn’t do maths lessons, we just lived. It has worked well for both of them.

We did look at times tables and I’d do random quizzing them as fun when we were walking somewhere, just because it is very useful for all other maths to know your times tables.

We looked at various maths programs / apps and have tried quite a few. They both had Education City when they were 6/7/8 ish, L enjoyed it more than R who didn’t use it very much at all.

L has always been pretty driven to look things up… especially with her decision to try school, she focussed on BBC Bitesize for a lot of things including maths. BBC Bitesize Maths

R is more interested in videos or me with a pen and piece of paper, or even more so… real life situations. We have conversations about how we’d work out how far away somewhere is and how long it could take to get there, or how fast things can travel, that sort of thing…. and I usually just jot something down for her, explaining how we might work it out, unless she has already worked it out, which often happens too. It is all very conversational rather than teachy and often we are finding out together.

We have worked from books too, we’ve tried a few…

One of the most recent things R has enjoyed is the DoodleMaths app, 10mins a day (though R doesn’t quite manage everyday!)

We’ve also got access to Mathswatch vle which is a program L’s school uses… it is excellent and would be good if there was a big enough group of Home educators up for buying a subscription together. There are demo videos. Maths Watch VLE

Also YouTube videos, there are a wealth of resources for maths and science on YouTube.

Some we’ve used…


Vi Hart Maths

Minute Physics

ASAP Science some fun videos on questions you may have been asked!


Crash Course This covers all sorts of subjects, from Astronomy, politics, history, anatomy, chemistry and biology +more

TED Education all sorts of great resources here too.

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