The Maze of On-line Dyslexia Programs.

We have tried a lot of different on-line educational programs, many for a dyslexic child. There are a vast array out there, and as all children are different different ones will suit different children. The problem we have found with many of them is that they start too easy and don’t progress quickly enough in terms of reading, as R’s sight reading is now very good, but as her spelling is not the same level she still needs work on that from a lower level but without getting bored.

Nessy is a good general program for working through, and I know it is popular with a lot of people, it is also a very reasonable price, with a good free trial period too.

However, we have finally found something that really resonates with R. EasyRead from Oxford Learning Solutions

Easy Read System

It is very personalised and has a different way of teaching a child to learn how to decode in 15 mins a day chunks. It isn’t a cheap system but they do offer a money back guarantee after three months if you haven’t seen the progress expected. It is a full commitment from parent and child to the 15 mins a day (at least 4 times a week, preferably 5-7 times) and there are training videos for the parent too.

We’ve only just started (12 days so far) but we’re impressed with the personalised approach, the phone contact and regular emails. R is keen every day to do her 15mins and for the first time ever has started to properly decode words using their system. There have been questionnaires for me and prizes for R too (spy equipment which is pretty cool.)

I will update this when we are further in!!!

Update: Major Breakthrough with Reading

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