Old hands have Home ed Wobbles too!

This September would have been the start of Secondary school for R. L started school at the beginning of Secondary so it wasn’t an unreasonable conclusion that R might want to do the same. We went to the open evenings last year and applied for a place with a view to keeping options open and having a serious think about it all. This is how it had all gone previously with L too.

R went into a local primary school for a day to see what it was like and to meet a class full of kids who’d also be going to the same Secondary. It all went well, R was nervous but went in without any problems and enjoyed herself. Despite struggling with dyslexia she also had a good go at the work (I did speak with the teacher beforehand).

The next step was then going for a couple of hours at the Secondary school with other children who weren’t from local feeder schools, she made a couple of friends and was then excited about the whole trial day with everyone else going to start the school in September. She walked to school with L and friends and did a whole day in the tutor group she’d be in and doing various classes. We went to the meet the tutor evening afterwards. It all looked like we could be following the pattern that L went through.

R then pondered, and wondered and thought and talked and thought some more over the next couple of weeks. I did suggest that if she decided not to go that it would be good to let the school know before the end of term so that if someone on the waiting list got the place they’d still have time to go in and meet the tutor etc. It was totally R’s decision, we talked about the pros and cons and after a meeting with L’s teachers to talk about L, we asked about dyslexia and how the school would handle it… probably R’s main concern… and surprisingly the teacher actually suggested that R would be better off at home.

I had started to ready myself for R choosing school and have been spending time on other thingsĀ http://www.redbubble.com/people/lahickmana/portfolio/by:LaHickmana

Where my art is now being made into some lovely gifts.. I’m so pleased with it all!! The bags and cushion covers are especially fabulous!!!

Now, R is still home ed, it has rather felt like starting home education again… I have actually felt daunted by it, but things are calming down and we are finding our way. Things have changed as R is changing and there is a bit of external pressure to do more formal work.. as well as feeling that a bit myself too. The options open to us are different now too as even the home ed world does divide a bit between primary and secondary ages. We still go to things with all ages, which I think is lovely and also valuable, but now there are also other things that we can join in because R is Secondary age. Shs has started an Environmental Management GCSE, one hour a week for two years as a taster of things to come, she’s enjoying it so far. We’ve started a sign language class together too, mixed age, and R is starting a drama class soon too. Other than that there are nice trips out, books read together, interesting documentaries, cooking, and so much more! R has even almost finished the Rome project she started in May!!

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