Paulton’s Park

Fantastic sunny day at Paulton’s Park on a group visit with home edders. S took the day off work, so the 3 of us went, we don’t have that happen often, usually it is me and R or the 4 of us, but L was at school.

The Cobra
The Cobra

A few school kids around, but hardly any queuing at all which was great (thankfully we’ve outgrown Peppa Pig as that area is always crowded.)

Repeated goes on The Edge, Magma and The Cobra.

We bumped into a few familiar faces from the home ed world which was nice.

New dinosaur things being built for next year, which means certain things have disappeared… the most shocking one being the Rabbit ride, which had been there forever… S has pictures of him on it as a child.

The park has been done up a lot already, more seating, music, sculptures, all sorts. It is getting more towards the feel of an American theme park (though not totally there yet) … shying away from the quirkier slightly naff but loveable old attractions.

Lovely day. Though strange to have a ‘family’ day out without L!

Luckily she has a school trip there soon!


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