Resources for Self-led learning and Alternative Education

Whether you are looking for resources for yourself or your child I am going to try and include resources that will be useful for a variety of subjects, different learning styles and levels of ability.

We have tried out a lot of resources in our family and in the groups of people I know. I will try and include only useful links, but some of them we will only have heard about or tried briefly, so I can’t guarantee that everything suggested will necessarily be right for you.

Some of the books I have read in my research about all things education are here (some are home education, others are not.)

Anything by John Holt (‘How Children Learn’ is an especially good one if you have young children) also ‘Instead of Education’

‘Dumbing Us Down’ by John Taylor Gatto

‘Early Years’ Education Otherwise

‘Free Range Education’ Terri Dowty

‘The Idle Parent’ Tom Hodgkinson

‘The Next Learning System: and why home-schoolers are trailblazers’ by Roland Meighan

‘The Unschooling Handbook’ by Mary Griffith

‘One-to-One A Practical Guide to Learning at Home’ by Gareth Lewis.

‘Good Ideas How to Be Your Child’s (and your own) Best Teacher’ Michael Rosen

Another recent book well worth a read is Educating Ruby by Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas…

‘Free to Learn’ Peter Gray

‘Home Grown: Adventures off the Beaten Path’ Ben Hewitt

‘Open’ David Price

‘Kith: The Riddle of the Childscape’ Jay Griffiths

‘Wot, No School? : How schools impede education Jonathan Langdale

‘A Twaddle-Free Education : An Introduction to Charlotte Mason’s Timeless Educational Ideas’  Deborah Taylor-Hough

‘Back to Basics: Raising Self-Sufficient Children’ Barbara Frank

‘Natural Born Learners: Unschooling and Autonomy in Education’ Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko, Carlo Ricci

‘A Funny Kind of Education’ Ross Mountney

Although I may not totally agree with or follow some of these books ideas, I have enjoyed reading each one and I have gained something from each of them, even if it is an insight into a method I myself don’t use.

A video worth a watch by Astra Taylor on Unschooling

Also see:

Educational Sites and Apps

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