School ups and downs

School is over all going extremely well for L, she is enjoying it, has some lovely friends and some very nice teachers. There are of course the not so good bits… mostly the system itself. L still has target levels set at average (which seem lower than what you might think is average going by the people around her and the people in the lower groups she was in.) The school have e-mailed again to say that although they’d said they’d sort her target levels to something higher than she is working at rather than lower than her present working level… apparently the computer system cannot cope with changing a target level!!! WHAT???!!!

She has been moved up sets now which is much better and she hasn’t had any problems and has a nice friend she sits with for most things.

L also got kept in after class with a few others for a couple of minutes to write in an answer she’d got wrong in a test… which seemed rather unfair. She’d had 5 days to learn 25 words and their definitions and then was tested on a random 10 and got 6.5 … they kept people in if they got under 7. That was Geography, they also have a list of words for Spanish at the same time and I think the other one is English or maybe History, also a list to learn. Mostly L is very good at learning lists like that, but since they started it she’d said how hard some children must find that every week!!! So to keep kids in after school for not getting a high enough score seemed rather unreasonable!

L’s friend whose sister died in the summer has now moved school as her parents weren’t happy with how it had all been handled at school. So sad for the whole family. I hope the move of school works ok for her. I know L is worried about her.

We had L’s report and Information and Guidance day last week. All very good and her tutor was happy with it all too. So we’ll plod on with school, or in L’s case bounce on happily with school!!! I am so pleased it is working so well for her.


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