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S and I love science, especially chemistry and physics, so almost inevitably our children are not quite so keen 🙂 (we may have over done how keen we were when they were little.) I think they are interested really, but don’t want to appear too keen or we get a bit over excited!

I did run a few sciency sessions at scout hut when they were younger, but I think they prefer it if I am less hands on now, especially as they are both far more capable of directing their own learning.

A good session to run with a group is about how molecules of water behave, as gas, liquid and solid, have children as H or O atoms and hold hands to form molecules, with extra, weaker links between the H atoms when ice is formed, which is why ice takes up more room than the water. An unusual property. Good for showing how molecules get more energy and vibrate more and spread out more for liquids, then even more for gases.

When the girls were younger we did a lot of things like dissolving experiments  with things from the kitchen cupboards. Again lots of discussions and also their own exploration of things.

We also like ASAP science on YouTube, so many science videos about so many things and in nice small chunks.

The new periodic table song is great!

This is an amazing interactive periodic table : Interactive periodic table

An annual thing we’ve done for years now is the Science and Engineering day at Southampton University (there are days like this at Uni’s all over the country)

Science and Engineering Day

They have all sorts of hands on things to try and great lectures too, as well as tours round labs, all sorts. Almost a year’s worth of science in one day!!!

Uni Science and Engineering Day
Uni Science and Engineering Day
Uni Science and Engineering Day
Uni Science and Engineering Day










Our home ed group has also had some great sessions at the Uni for our group too, chemistry, astronomy, engineering and discussion groups. There should be an outreach dept in your local Uni. Worth an ask!

Chemistry at the Uni
Chemistry at the Uni










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