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Gentle days

We are enjoying having some gentle time at home more often recently. R and I have been making the most of sitting in the garden reading together, having water fights, doing art together and chatting. We’ve also carried on with more algebra related maths. It is a chilled out time and the days fly by. R has also been challenging herself to improve and gradually be able to do full chin-ups… she still can’t quite manage it yet, but she has improved with trying every day.

We had a student round this week. I met her at the library, she is here for a year from Taiwan to do a Masters degree and wanted to meet some non-students…. normal British people (I can’t help with the normal… but we are outside University life.) She came round for the afternoon and we chatted lots about all sorts of things, differences and similarities in culture, travel, families, education etc. R came and chatted with us for quite a while too. K has offered to cook some Taiwanese food for us another day, so we’ve got to decide on some English food to introduce her to as well.

Woodcraft was a walk around the old city walls, which the girls really enjoyed.

R had drama, which has one more rehearsal before the show next week and a play with friends here, they built another den in the front room.

L had a trip to Paulton’s Park with the school. She loved being able to go with her friends and not have to be with an adult.

Today has been a Granny and Grandpa day for R, which involved an hour of badminton and then a catch up with some Great Aunts.

I had some time to catch up on a few things and also do some painting in the garden which was lovely to lose myself in.

A twelfth birthday tea after school this evening with our “baby” group… we’ve met up pretty much every week since our oldest kids were babies and they’re all turning 12! Amazing. All so grown up and so lovely. 🙂

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Library, Tie-Dye and Parties.

At the weekend I had an event at our library which I supported… A repair cafe we’re trialling as a possible thing to run regularly to possibly help bring in some money (from us running the cafe part of it) to support our library which is under threat of closure. We’re waiting for a council decision in August after an impressive response to the consultation. The Repair cafe went very well, with a good attendance and lovely volunteers. We’re hopeful we can repeat it again soon.

R was still at a sleepover and L was tired, so wanted to just chill out at home. I love how her chilling often consists of baking something, or playing the ukulele or chatting with me.

L wanted to have a go at tie-dye, as R had in the week and Auntie M had left stuff for L to use too. I did some with her and we were pleased with the results.

tie dye
tie dye

R was gone most of the day as she then went to the swim party of her friend too… so two tired girls by the end of the day.

We then had a barbeque at Auntie A’s for G’s 18th birthday with all the family. It was lovely. Can’t believe our ‘little’ nephew is now 18! Shows how quickly the time will go with our girls growing up too. I keep being surprised quite how grown up L is looking, real glimpses of her as an adult peeking through. Our nieces and nephews are all in late teens and early twenties and a really lovely lot of young adults, so lovely to have them around chatting with us and our kids.

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True Tie Dye Home educators

R had Auntie M round for the day to do some tie dying… lots of tie dying in fact. Enough to firmly establish us as bona fide hippy type home edders 😉

tie dyed hammock
tie dyed hammock

Our hammock is now a lot prettier!

Having been to L’s information and Guidance day and had her report from school, R decided to write her own report, which she started but then found the writing too much of a slog and asked if she could dictate it to me instead… which I happily did. She showed Auntie M what I’d written and then with Auntie M decided to correct my ‘unclear’ writing and write it out more neatly ( 🙂 )

We then had a trip to L’s school for the summer fair…. which included lots of sweets, guessing the name of the teddy bear, guessing how many sweets in the jar, and teachers having wet sponges thrown at them in the stocks. Met some more of L’s school friends. R was a bit nervous at first as it was quite full on, but L seems very at home with it all.

school summer fair
school summer fair

We also had chance to have a look at a fire engine and chat about it all with some firemen and firewomen.

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Models, whittling and carving

R is very into making figures from clay and other modelling materials, we have now moved on to some small tools / blades to try some whittling / carving with balsa wood and also soap.

Great discussions about density from the balsa wood and led to looking up about more dense woods too.

I think she could do with perhaps a very small chisel type tool and hammer to carve out with more control?

Wondering what else to try for her?

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