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Woodcraft folk group

Woodcraft session today which both girls go to, was about Global Poverty – not the most fun of topics and parents decided not to include the really hideous statistics of how many children die per day etc, but even so, just how many children live in poverty was hideous enough.

It was more focussed on how much money some people are forced to live on per day, with a look at prices of food and how hard that would be to manage. Then followed by a game where the children had to make bags (working in three different groups) and then sell them. They were given a certain amount of newspaper and the buyer had to decide whether he wanted to buy their bags and how much for. Various random events would then happen in different groups – an ill member needing hospital treatment – costing x pennies, or a flood wiping out their stock etc.

Paper bags
Paper bags

The girls are in Pioneer group now for age 10-12 and a game like that works well. They’d done a similar Fairtrade game with oranges in the younger group… Elfins.

We’ve been going to Woodcraft since L was about 5 and it is really great. Our group is co-operatively run by the parents, I know some other Woodcraft groups are more run by a leader, without parents, but we love the ethos of Woodcraft, non-religious, peace-loving – a sort of scouts/guides for hippies 😉 S takes the girls so it has become the thing he goes to which is great all round. We usually go to camps with the group too, a lovely load of people.

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