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Holiday recovery and campaign build up

Having had a wet and windy camp on the Isle of Wight, along with a lot of fun too, we have come back pretty tired, so we’ve had some friends round, but mostly stayed in… catching up on washing for a fair part of the last few days!

The girls spent a day with Granny and Grandpa and Auntie J, badminton and lego in the garden and lots of chattering about the holiday.

Then lots of play at home and with friends round.

I had a library meeting today, as we are heading towards the Council’s decision about the future of our local library and others in the city. The further I delve into politics, unfortunately the more cynical I become… and I am not a cynical person by nature. The decision has been put back to August… so lots of people will be away, also, it seems the council can make the decision in a Cabinet meeting, without bringing it to full council, which just seems wrong to me… for such an important decision. Especially as the consultation had the biggest response ever I think. It doesn’t bode well as it feels like they are trying to slip it under the radar.

A whole afternoon followed of the kids luckily having friends round to play happily… as I spent the whole afternoon writing up the meeting and then writing to Cllrs about the library decision. We have learned so much about the workings of politics as a family, through this campaign… R is so indignant and will be a force to be reckoned with if the decision goes against us… I wouldn’t like to be in the Council when R finds out!!! 🙂

R did some YouTube videos today, with her friend F appearing as a guest: Minecraft Tutorials with Guest

Aiming for a quiet day tomorrow to rest up (bloomin’ M.E. as usual) then we are catching up with other friends on Monday and Tuesday… hopefully to go out somewhere nice. I’ll aim for a quiet end of the week to recover!

The summer is going far too fast already. Really enjoying having L around full-time, and L and R seem to have settled back in to getting on much better again. They are more niggly when L is at school, so it is nice they have bonded back together again.

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Loving our Local Library while we can.

We went to our local Library’s anniversary event at the weekend, fancy dress, to celebrate 76 years of being there. So many people have been going there all their lives, but this could be the last anniversary event as it may be closed by next year 🙁

We had over 400 people through the doors, author Ali Sparkes, and we even had a Dalek join our campaign to Save our Library!

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We had our library home ed meet up today, with lots of new faces, lots of little ones and our usual people too. We did some more on designing roller coasters for a competition. Then we did some map work… with a map of the library and x’s marked on it, the kids all went and looked for a letter at each place and then put them together to make a message. The older ones helped the younger ones look for the clues.

There was plenty of interaction with older people in the library, pleased to see children enjoying the environment and learning as they went. We had a few older people asking if they could join in with the treasure hunt!

Then as we had so many small ones a member of staff did a lovely story time for them while the older ones carried on with their roller coaster designs. Our library staff are so important and do so much and yet they, along with our library are under threat of not being there for much longer. So sad. We’re certainly not going to lose them without a huge fight!

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Politics and Campaigning

It has been hard to avoid politics recently so we have covered a lot, including being very heavily involved in the campaign to save our local library.

Rose wrote to the Children's Newspaper First News
Rose wrote to the Children’s Newspaper First News





L took blank postcards to school and asked children to fill them in with why libraries are so important Postcards from children in the Daily Echo

We use our local library a lot, and fortnightly we meet with other home educators for sessions on all sorts, from art and crafts to science, languages and drama.

R, meanwhile took part in a deputation to council to argue the case for saving the library. It was a real confidence booster for her and led to her giving several interviews with local newspapers, radio and TV.

We learned together more about how the local council works and media and also MP candidates and Government.

None of this was a planned lesson – it all came up as we went along and gave us access to amazing experiences including helping to organise a protest march and hosting a Radio 5 Live broadcast from our kitchen!

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