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Rest Days and Sushi

We have had some quiet days after the busy week last week. I have M.E. / CFS / SEID,  whichever label you want to use… it is a frustrating thing to have, so it means I always have to fit in rest days between the things we do. Last week that wasn’t really possible, so this week I’ve been out of action, lots of sleep, lying down and staying in. Feels like a cross between a hideous hangover and flu, with muscle pain, brain fog and extreme fatigue. L and R are used to it and are great about it when I need to have a lie down.

R is a real homebody anyway, so there has been a lot of playmobil, just R and also R plus friends – we have a whole encampment across the dining room (the rule is there needs to be a clear path through so we can get to the kitchen!!) There are different clans and camps ranging from dragons and warriors to princesses and fairies (and the princesses and fairies are no push overs!!) R has spent hours joyfully playing… put on voices and also singing to herself, lost in an amazing world.

We’ve read together too, watched a few things… we’re both enjoying Kings and Queeens… the programme about a Debate challenge for kids at Cambridge Uni… it is on CH4.

We’ve also been having a look at some KS3 BBC Bitesize engineering video clips. There is a good one about designing roller coasters which R enjoyed as she has recently entered a competition to design a roller coaster. She also watched one about improving weather forecasts with lasers taking readings through different levels of cloud. We’ve had a few cases recently when the forecast has been wrong and we’ve had discussions about why it isn’t better.. so that was a good follow on.

We had Woodcraft group at our house this week, we did a sushi making session. L pretty much ran the whole session herself and it worked really well, with everyone having a go at making sushi or Japanese egg roll. Almost everyone liked the sushi 🙂

R went out to drama and had friends back to play afterwards that afternoon.

Today she has been over to Granny’s for the day, with a long badminton session and out and about with Granny, Grandpa, Great Auntie J and Auntie M too, so she’s had a lovely day. I had a good rest , with chance to sit in the sunshine and read. Gearing up for the next expenditure of energy tomorrow!!!!

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