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You don’t need GCSEs!!!

Before reading this.. note that I have used the initial ‘I’ for the person we met, I’m aware this makes it a slightly harder read!

A lovely meet up this week with a student from the local Uni. She met our group through a Robogals day our group went to run by students at the uni. I has been home educated right through and even when home ed friends were deciding to do some GCSEs by going to college or doing them at home ed classes, or by themselves, I and her parents decided that actually that didn’t suit her and it there were other options.

We met for ice-cream (Chocolate Brownie, now you ask) and a chat, R and I got on very well and we all had a good chat about how to do things differently, and how not to get dragged into the panic of having to get GCSEs.

I think the GCSE and A Level route is probably an easier route if your brain works that way… because you then have the piece of paper expected and face less of a battle to get to where you want to. But if exams and classes really don’t suit you but you still want to go on further and do something academic, there are ways of achieving this! I that we met did this by studying with the Open University for a year (or two?) and this gave her enough credits (or modules, I’m not sure of the lingo!) to get into University, no GCSEs, no A’Levels.

We didn’t just chat about exams, though it was so good to know that there are other options around. There was a lot of common ground around YouTube and funny science videos, maths, playmobil, all sorts. Lovely to meet a young adult who is such a good advert for home education … especially as it sounds like we are home educating in a very similar way, with self-led learning.

We hope to meet up again, and we’ve already been sent some excellent links to interesting YouTube channels and websites which I will going through and sharing on here too.

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Drama, Den Building and Maths

R had drama this morning, they have started rehearsals for a production of Where the Wild Things Are. As usual she came bouncing back afterwards with her friends W and L.

There was a serious carry on of the epic playmobil game they’d started last week, with dragons and fairies and clans (I haven’t moved any of it yet but will definitely need to vacuum soon… it is just so elaborately set up I haven’t had the heart to move it yet! Even the electricity meter man was impressed as he tiptoed through it to read the meter today. We then had lunch in front of a clip about order of operations in maths on MathsWatchVLE see Maths that we’d mentioned and wanted to show the 3 of them…. so as a time management thing, so they wouldn’t miss out on important play time we watched it during lunch!!!

Then there was den building in the front room with soft toys galore moving in, and signs keeping adults out.

R also played with her guinea pig who is so chilled out with us now.

Plus some gardening… cutting back some of the jungle that has appeared very recently. R has also been practising her chin-ups.

I’ve been looking through resources about the Magna Carta as we are going to Salisbury tomorrow to see it. Some excellent resources here: British Library Magna Carta resources

If you’re into history you may like:

Oodles of History

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Rest Days and Sushi

We have had some quiet days after the busy week last week. I have M.E. / CFS / SEID,  whichever label you want to use… it is a frustrating thing to have, so it means I always have to fit in rest days between the things we do. Last week that wasn’t really possible, so this week I’ve been out of action, lots of sleep, lying down and staying in. Feels like a cross between a hideous hangover and flu, with muscle pain, brain fog and extreme fatigue. L and R are used to it and are great about it when I need to have a lie down.

R is a real homebody anyway, so there has been a lot of playmobil, just R and also R plus friends – we have a whole encampment across the dining room (the rule is there needs to be a clear path through so we can get to the kitchen!!) There are different clans and camps ranging from dragons and warriors to princesses and fairies (and the princesses and fairies are no push overs!!) R has spent hours joyfully playing… put on voices and also singing to herself, lost in an amazing world.

We’ve read together too, watched a few things… we’re both enjoying Kings and Queeens… the programme about a Debate challenge for kids at Cambridge Uni… it is on CH4.

We’ve also been having a look at some KS3 BBC Bitesize engineering video clips. There is a good one about designing roller coasters which R enjoyed as she has recently entered a competition to design a roller coaster. She also watched one about improving weather forecasts with lasers taking readings through different levels of cloud. We’ve had a few cases recently when the forecast has been wrong and we’ve had discussions about why it isn’t better.. so that was a good follow on.

We had Woodcraft group at our house this week, we did a sushi making session. L pretty much ran the whole session herself and it worked really well, with everyone having a go at making sushi or Japanese egg roll. Almost everyone liked the sushi 🙂

R went out to drama and had friends back to play afterwards that afternoon.

Today she has been over to Granny’s for the day, with a long badminton session and out and about with Granny, Grandpa, Great Auntie J and Auntie M too, so she’s had a lovely day. I had a good rest , with chance to sit in the sunshine and read. Gearing up for the next expenditure of energy tomorrow!!!!

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