Taking the struggle out of education

Education = Learning

Easy Education = Self-led-learning

What are you good at doing?

Riding a bike? Operating a microwave oven? Rewiring a plug? Playing Minecraft? Driving a car? Making people laugh?

How did you learn any of this? Did you find it difficult to learn it? Were you made to learn it when you didn’t want to?

Or did you learn how to do it because you wanted to?

It isn’t hard to see that if you have an urge to learn about something then it will come much easier to you than if you aren’t interested.

This is the basic premise of self-led learning.

If you come to something at a time when you are ready and want to learn about it, then that is the most effective way of learning.

This is true whether at home or school, whether you are a child or adult.

We learn as we go along with Home Education, but having been schooled myself I initially had my list of things I thought children ‘should’ learn. This has lessened partly through beginning to see the fruits of Home education and partly as I became more aware how random politicians have so much power over what kids at school learn about and how it can be on the whim of someone at Westminster…. so why not instead have a random syllabus that evolves with us, as we come across things we want to learn about.

I have watched my girls develop and follow their own learning choices, this has helped me relax and trust them with their own education much more. (I’d still have to admit to the occasional wobble… but I think that’s a good thing as we’re constantly adapting to new experiences and stages)

I now have a totally self-taught ukulele player aged 11, both girls are self-taught swimmers, (obviously with encouragement and hand holding when needed) R (10) has been learning how to create you own YouTube videos and channel, self-led. I’m learning how to make a website!!

R’s YouTube channel: R’s Minecraft Tutorial Videos

They both have very different skills and varied interests. They have developed at very different rates in different areas, but both  have an enthusiasm for learning and sharing that learning, we all do.

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