Self-led learning

Self-led Learning is probably the most effective way of learning. When you are driving your own education, then you will not only enjoy it more, but you will also learn more quickly and learn in more detail about something because you are genuinely interested.

How many classes did you find yourself starting to nod off in as a child / teenager / young adult?

How well would you do at paying close attention if you had to go to a day of lectures / classes tomorrow on a topic you have no interest in?

Some adults may find this hard to believe but children do choose to learn maths, physics, Spanish perhaps, if given the choice. They may not choose exactly what is on a school syllabus, or exactly the subjects you would like them to, but self-led learning can and does lead to a well educated child. More often than not, a child with a joy and enthusiasm for learning and a confidence in themselves and their education.

I have 10+ years experience as a home educator and am a member / first point of contact for new members of a thriving home education group. I have researched many types of education methods, and also witnessed the results. I also see what happens with my own children and those around them and through a 10+ yr learning curve (plus my own varied educational experiences before having children)

I have come to strongly believe in the value of self-led learning and how important it is that we bring this forward as the most obvious way to achieve a love of learning and an effective education, equipping people with the skills they need to learn about anything they need or want to learn about.

I am far from alone in this view, and along with many others can see a new way in education. There has been a small but constant supply of advocates and approaches for this change over many years… John Holt, AS Neill, Sudbury schools, Jean Piaget, Steiner, Montessori, Sir Ken Robinson and many more… all with differences in approach of course, but there does seem to be a main theme with many of them and that is giving the child more control over their education.

We are reaching a point where home education isn’t such an unusual choice, the internet is connecting people with similar ideas about a new way in education for everyone, not just home education.

We will reach a tipping point when things will finally begin to change away from the Victorian school system we still have now.

Technology will no doubt play a part in this, especially with all the free on-line learning now available, much of it from Universities … See Free on-line courses

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