What do you do when you are totally free to choose?

S and L went off to work and school respectively – R sits on  my bed and we talk about the day.

We get up, sort out the guinea pig and have some breakfast. I suggest some ideas, we only get as far as ruling out a couple of things before we get up.

Now R decides that she wants to write a timetable, which we then do together. It includes P.E. / maths first which means her running up and down the garden whilst working out maths problems – her idea.

Next she has written ART so we finish off a painting of ducks that we started a while ago together, chatting as we do it, and for a while having a bit of Spanish CD lesson on in the background (we’re swotting up for a holiday in Tenerife).

Mixed media ducks
Mixed media ducks

A friend pops in for a cuppa and we chat, R is eager to show the robot she’s been working on with S.




Lunch in the garden, then 7 chapters of our library book together- the last in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver – fantastic for discussions about stone age tribes / wolf packs / mages, all sorts and exciting stories too.

R reads a few pages well – she doesn’t read very much very often, just little bits, but she has improved greatly just with sessions like this, with me doing most of the reading and her doing some. It is definitely coming for her and without stress.. which does appear if I push her too much. I can see her coming to an enjoyment of reading, and not being put off by being pushed into it.

We watch some science videos on YouTube next… ASAP science : Hearing and why it deteriorates as you age, How memory works, and others (my memory isn’t great 😉 ) including the periodic table song, some of which R has memorised.

L home with a friend and the 3 of them play on the wii U for a while.

Food, some telly, then some lego mindstorm building R with S while I sit with L when she does her maths homework… she doesn’t need any help, just wants the company.

Everyday is different, that’s a good example of a chilled out day for us.

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  1. It is so great that she writes her own time table. It shows that she know that she has to work at her skills and not being pressurised to making them. Love the painting. Sounds like she is enjoying her reading steadily. Thank you for sharing your lovely homeschooling post with us #FabFridayPost x

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