Home educated children seem to do far less writing than schooled children, even more structured home educators as far as I have seen. The writing many home ed kids do is actually ‘real’, actual shopping lists, letters, notes, cards, reminders, plans and more. Some they do for the sake of ‘work’ as kids in school do, especially more structured families.

We didn’t do a lot of writing with L, she has always liked planning and cooking meals, and so has regularly written menus and shopping lists, and she occasionally chose to write stories or articles on something, but not a regular large quantity of writing. Now she has almost completed her first year of school aged 11/12 and I doubt a teacher could pick her out of a class as being a child who only wrote when she wanted to up until the age of 11. Her writing could be a bit neater (though it isn’t bad), she misses occasional spellings, but she is right there with the rest of her peers. She has chosen to go to school, and so as part of that, the writing she does now is also done because she wants to and I think that shows.

Unschooling Writing an interesting article on the importance of writing.

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